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Breed Registries:

Note: The Akbash Dog breed is not recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), the American Kennel Club (AKC) or its Foundation Stock Service (FSS) program. The breed may be recognized by other registries not indicated here. For further details about dog registries, please see the document: Dog Breed Registries in North America.




Males: 28 to 31 inches (71 to 79 cm); - Females: 27 to 29 inches (69 to 74 cm)


Males: 90 to 130 lbs (41 to 59 Kg); - Females: 75 to 100 lbs (34 to 45 Kg)

Breed Profile:

The Akbash Dog is an ancient breed originating in Turkey where he was used to guard livestock. It is believed that his ancestry was influenced by both Sighthound and Mastiff breeds. Though a large dog, he moves with surprising speed and agility, able to run at great speed with a gazelle-like grace. He also has an acute sense of sight and hearing.

The Akbash Dog learns quickly; however, he can be easily bored with repetitive obedience training exercises so may not be the ideal candidate for Obedience competition. As a livestock guardian, the Akbash is an independent thinker and can be dominant toward other dogs. He is naturally calm but can display ferocity when protecting property or livestock. His aloofness toward strangers, loyalty, affection, complete dedication and devotion to his family and any animals in his charge make him the ideal guard dog.

Another characteristic of the Akbash Dog is, both males and females, have a strong maternal instinct, especially toward small and young animals and children. The Akbash will bond to whatever he is raised with. This is why it is always suggested that the working Akbash pup be placed with the livestock he will eventually be expected to protect.

There are two major coat types with variations in between: A medium, smooth coat of one to three inches in length; and a longer coat that may grow to six to eight inches. Both types have a coarse outer coat that is non-matting, and a softer, shorter undercoat.

Health Issues

Although the Akbash Dog is generally a healthy breed, the following conditions can occur:

While some of these conditions may be caused by environmental and/or nutritional factors, others can be of a hereditary nature. If you are considering the adoption of a Akbash puppy, or any breed, it is very important to be selective in choosing a responsible and reputable breeder. Ensure that the prospective puppy's parents have all health clearances. Breeding of any dog should not be done until after they have been proven to be free of evidence of significant hereditary diseases. (For more information on selecting a breeder, see the articles on the main Breed Listing and Breeders page.)

Additional Health Resources:


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