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— Each Breed section includes detailed information about the particular breed; listings of breeders, breed clubs and breed rescues; as well as breed-specific books and other merchandise that can be purchased online through various affilates.

NOTE: The majority of the dog breeds listed in this directory are recognized by one or more of these all-breed registries:

The directory also includes some rare breeds which have not yet gained recognition by the major breed registries listed above. For these breeds, breed-specific registries are listed. In Canada, some of these rare breeds are recognized by the Canine Federation of Canada (CFC) — — The CFC is incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act. Other alternate all-breed registries, which are not indicated, may also recognize these breeds. (For additional information regarding Breed Registries, please see breedregistries.htm.)

The details provided here are for information purposes only, to help those who may be interested, learn more about the breeds before making any decisions. It is strongly recommended that thorough research into both the breed and breeders be done prior to bringing a new dog into your home. While this is important for any breed of dog, for the rare breeds, the amount of information available may be limited and, therefore, thorough investigation into the breed's history and background is imperative and much care in investigating the registry(ies) to which the dog(s) is recognized is also of utmost importance.

For more information on finding a breeder, please see: newdogowner.htm. In addition, see Is That A Labradoodle? a must read article regarding the latest in cross-breeding.

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We do not recommend, endorse or support any one breeder over another; however, we will never knowingly list a breeder who runs a puppy mill, backyard breeding of any type, or sells their dogs to retailers. If you are aware of such a "breeder" and we have unintentionally listed them here, please e-mail us with any details you can provide. We reserve the right to refuse any listing for any reason as well as the right to remove any listing at our sole discretion.

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