The Dogs of Ontario Need Your Help

Why should you care about the proposed ban of pitbulls, Staffies and Amstaffs in Ontario? Especially if you're in another part of Canada, or the world? After all, "the sacrifice of the few if the vast majority is spared", what could be easier?

This is why. Breed specific legislation ("BSL") historically bans one breed at a time, then another, then another. BSL slowly erodes dog owners' rights. Once one breed has been banned, the precedent is set and all breeds are at risk; indeed, all dogs are at risk. Under BSL, the list of banned breeds usually gets longer over time. Italy is a prime example with its BSL targeting over 90 breeds, including breeds usually considered benign such as the Bearded Collie.

BSL enforcement relies on the arbitrary judgement of police and animal control officers who may not have the training, expertise or even the legal right (depending on legal interpretation of the Canada Animal Pedigree Act) to identify a dog's breed. Seizure of what the officer thinks is a banned-breed dog may result in the dog being euthanized or sold to a research laboratory.

Ontario's Bill 132 permits an officer to enter your home without a warrant and seize or destroy your dog, regardless of breed.

Destroy your dog in your home. It happened in England and Germany, it can happen here.

Are you now looking at your dog and starting to feel very uneasy, even a bit afraid?

You should. Your breed may be next.

The Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC) has now joined forces with four others — the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Canada, the Golden Horseshoe American Pit Bull Terrier Club, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada, and Shirley Bell of Bellcrest Boxers — as Banned Aid, to fight BSL in Ontario.

Banned Aid has engaged Clayton Ruby as Banned Aid's legal counsel to fight BSL on behalf of Ontario dog owners and breeders at the provincial level. This fight is going to be expensive; the early estimate for the legal challenge is $100,000.

They need your financial support to mount this battle against BSL in Ontario and possibly establish national precedent. Every dollar will help. There are several ways you can donate.

  1. You can mail your cheque payable to the DLCC to: Cathy Prothro
    351 Pleasant Street
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 3S4
  2. For your convenience you can deposit from any bank directly into the Banned Aid Legal Fund by depositing to: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce,
    Penhorn Mall,
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    Account: 00513 010 1526839
  3. You can also make an online payment from your financial institution's website by sending a bill payment to
  4. You may prefer to donate by PAY PAL. Please go to and click on the "Donate!" link for the Pay Pal tool.
  5. Send cheques or money orders directly to Mr Ruby at the following address, c/o BANNED AID LEGAL CHALLENEGE FUND Ruby & Edwardh
    11 Prince Arthur Ave.
    Toronto, Ont.
    Tel. 416-964-9664
  6. Soon, you can bid on donated items in our online auction. You can have some fun and buy some gifts! Look for the BANNED AID AUCTION on

The Dog Legislation Council of Canada ("DLCC") is a Canada-wide non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership, assisting provincial and municipal governments to develop effective licensing and enforcement legislation, and educating the public regarding dog bite prevention. The DLCC does not support any legislation that targets a breed instead of the real problem — the irresponsible owner. Its members are expected to abide by and promote the DLCC Code of Ethics.

The DLCC is a proud member of the Banned Aid Legal Challenge Fund.

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