Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience, also known as "Rally O", is a dog obedience sport that goes beyond the basic heeling, emphasizing fun and excitement for all involved — the dog, handler, and spectator. Rally Obedience includes over 40 obedience movements and is the ideal sport for those wanting a fun activity, designed to challenge and improve teamwork between the dog and his handler.

The Canadian Association of Rally Obedience (CARO) has been established so that dogs can earn titles in Canada. Events are open to ALL dogs, purebred and mixed-breeds.

The following titles are available from CARO:

  • Rally Novice (RN)
  • Rally Advanced (RA)
  • Rally Excellent (RX)
  • Rally Versatility (RV)

Presently, the American Kennel Club offers Rally O in a non-regular class but it is open only to purebred dogs. Starting in January 2005, Rally O will become an AKC titling event. Titles offered will be: Rally Novice (RN), Rally Advanced (RA), and Rally Excellent (RE). There will also be an advanced title: Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE).

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers also offers Rally O events and titles for all dogs, purebred and mixed-breed. Effective 1 January 2005, the APDT title designations will be: Rally Level 1 (RL1), Rally Level 2 (RL2) and Rally Level 3 (RL3). To earn each of these titles, three qualifying scores of 170 or better, under two different judges are required. The APDT will also have a Rally O Award of Excellence effective 1 January 2005. This award is for those teams who have excelled with their dogs in the rally ring during a calendar year and requires that the first three qualifying scores in each level be 190 or better. APDT Championship titles include ARCH and ARCHX and are awarded to teams who have completed both their Level 1 and Level 2 titles and is based on a system of points.

Additional Information:

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