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by Maria Andreoli & Donna DeFalcis
Information about breed history, characteristics and standard, as well as puppy selection, feeding, training, preventative health care and behavior of the breed. Also includes advice about puppy-proofing the home, preparing for the puppy's arrival, housetraining and preventing puppy problems. Includes over 135 color photos.
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   Il Bergamasco Pastore delle Alpi
A Complete Dog Fanciers Guide Based on the Bergamasco Alpine Sheepdog

by Maria F. Andreoli
— Translated from Italian to English. This is a complete and founded study of the Bergamasco which had not previously been made and on the basis of which anyone interested in the breed can satisfy their thirst for knowledge. This is a book on the Bergamasco but, in view of the widescale historical reconstruction and the deep and accurate study of locomotion and build structure as well as the complete and simple descriptions, it can prove interesting for everyone who owns a dog and wants to know as much as possible about it.
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