yorkshire Terrier rescues

  • Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Association Rescue (CYTAR)
    — The Rescue operation is a non-profit organization completely run by volunteers. It is is part of the Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Association, registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and is bound by the same code of ethics as the National Club.
    E-mail: thecyta@yahoo.ca
  • Rescues in the United States:

  • YTCA Rescue, Inc. — Yorkshire Terrier Club of America Rescue Program
  • Yorkie Haven Rescue — The mission of Yorkie Haven Rescue is to rescue Yorkie/Yorkie mixes regardless of age, sight, hearing or other handicaps. We are committed to educating the public, our adoptees and volunteers about the Yorkshire Terrier Breed. We pledge to provide a loving and caring environment and keep the pup safe until a forever home can be found. Our focus is not finding the right pup for a home, but finding the RIGHT HOME for each and every pup.
  • United Yorkie Rescue — Founded in 2002, United Yorkie Rescue has pledged to rescue all Yorkies and Yorkie mixes in need regardless of size, age, or health condition.
  • Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue — Founded in 1997, dedicated to finding the best possible homes for Yorkshire Terriers in their care, regardless of age, sight, hearing or other handicaps. Everyday they help local pounds and other types of shelters find Yorkies in need of help in relocating homeless and abandoned pets.


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