Havanese Puppies - Litter Announcements

Gauntlet's Canine Ranch

A Little Bit About the Breed:

The Havanese is a happy, outgoing, pleasant and affectionate little dog. He is also exceptionally bright and easily trained. He is very devoted to his family and loves children. In appearance, the Havanese has a lively, elegant, springy gait which gives the impression of agility. His expression is mischievous and intelligent with large, dark, almond-shaped eyes.

The Havanese's coat is non-shedding, long, soft and wispy with curls at the ends. He comes in white, cream, champagne, gold, blue, black, silver, chocolate, or any combination of these colours. The coat is profuse but extremely light and soft which was the reason for the breed's original names: Havana Silk Dog or Spanish Silk Poodle.

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