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In European countries the Papillon is known as the "Épagneul nain continental" or "Continental Toy Spaniel" with two breed types: the Phalène which has drop-ears and the Papillon with erect-ears.

The Papillon is a small, elegant and alert little dog that makes a wonderful companion. The breed is seen participating in many dog sports and activities as well as working as a Therapy and Service Dog.

The most distinguishing characteristic of the Papillon is the butterfly-like ears. His coat is long, fine and silky with a frill on the chest.

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Papillons of Riesa


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British Columbia





P.O. Box 2266
Didsbury, Alberta
T0M 0W0
Tel.: 403-874-7327

"Quality Papillons Bred for
Elegance, Soundness, and Outstanding Temperaments"

Here at Prestwick our goal is to produce healthy, well adjusted puppies to advance and protect this wonderful breed. To that end our breeding stock are health tested and cleared... all are CHIC registered.

We have a wonderful blend of English bloodlines and renown American/Canadian lines.

For details, please see our website:

Rae Anne Kennels

Rae Anne Kennels

Box 29, Site 14, RR #1
Okotoks, Alberta
T1S 1A1
Phone: 403-975-3699; Cell: 403-975-3699

We are a small family kennel where all puppies are raised in our home. My goal is to breed an excellent quality dog that could be both a family pet and show dog. My main focus is on health and health testing to ensure each puppy is healthy when they leave my care and go to their forever home.

Our dogs love agility, obedience training and our acreage home where they chase the ball and bathe in the sun most days.

For more information, visit our website:

Mon Joli Papillons

Mon Joli Papillons

Summer Village of Parkland Beach
33 Parkland Avenue
Gull Lake, Alberta
T0C 2J0
Tel./Cell: 403-896-9517

Here at Mon Joli Papillons I strive for the best quality in the Papillon breed. Health (health tested and guaranteed), great temperament and soundness are very important to me. I have a family kennel nestled in the trees on the north side of Gull Lake. With all of my puppies raised in my home, they get the attention so needed for a well-adjusted fun loving dog.

I occasionally have puppies available — Pet, Performance and Conformation. Please contact me if you have any questions.

For further information and details, please visit my website:





Riesa Papillons
Riesa Papillons Feature Ad

Riesa Papillons CKC Perm Reg.

Box 402
Strathclair, Manitoba
R0J 2C0
Tel.: 204-365-2490

We at Riesa endeavor to retain the true breed characteristics of the Papillon. Using top European and North American lines, we breed for conformation, performance and family pets for Papillons with that special Pizzazz.

Our Papillons are fun loving, playful, and friendly companions with gregarious personalities. All of our dogs and pups are health checked as we strive to produce healthy, happy Papillons.

Please visit our website - - or contact us at for information on upcoming litters.






New Brunswick


Prince Edward Island


United States





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